Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Table dances

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of fun or informative articles in here lately... Blood Magic Book 2 (working title: Nights of Sin) is on a November deadline, and between working on the manuscript and going to work every day, I'm pretty strapped for time. But please keep checking back, as I promise that I'll have some articles on writing and about my experiences at Context in early October.

Moving on... For those that don't know it (I know I had no idea until recently), bookstores don't display books on the "New Releases" tables and bookshelf end-caps out of the goodness of their hearts. They don't even do it simply to sell more copies, which, you know, you'd think would be the logical case. No, they actually make arrangements with the publishers for certain books to have this privilege.

That makes sense, I guess. Lots of books come out every month, and shelf space is a finite commodity, so I can see their wanting to make a few extra dollars by charging for the extra exposure a book will gain by sitting on a New Releases table.

Why am I talking about this? Because I just found out that Blood Magic will be on the New Releases table at Border's Superstores for two whole weeks, from 10-2-07 to 10-15-2007! So, if you've been having trouble finding a copy on the shelves, check back in your local Borders in early October and see if they have a copy right by the front door. While you're at it, when you find a copy, shoot a picture of yourself holding it with your digital camera or cell phone and send a copy to Juno for their "Spot Blood Magic" contest. You could win free books, and hey... those are the best kind.


Jason said...

Just to let you know I ran across the book at Borders a couple days ago, and it was on the New Releases table already (well, at least where I'm at).

By the way, I have to say that I liked the book. :)


Katie said...

That's very cool the borders is putting it right out there for everyone to see. I'm just starting chapter 14 and can't seem to put it down. :)

Matt Cook said...

Wow - on the new releases table! Did you shoot a picture for the Spot Blood Magic contest? You can score some free books form Juno if so.

Thanks for picking it up and I really hope you like it. Please feel free to post up a review (good or bad but hopefully not indifferent) if the desire strikes you and send me the URL. Good or bad, I promise to link to it.

Matt Cook said...

PS - I can't even describe the tingle that it gives me to hear someone say "I can't put it down"... Comments like that totally and completely make all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you for saying so, Katie.