Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blood Magic Cover Art Print Available

I'm quite taken with Timothy Lantz's cover art for Blood Magic, and I honestly feel lucky that Juno managed to procure his talents for my first cover. Tim's print of the cover art has actually been available for quite some time from his online gallery store, but up until now I had no place to link to it. If you like it, or any of his other prints, I hope you'll support this wonderfully talented artist by purchasing a copy for your wall.

Click here for Tim's Blood Magic cover print.

Cross your fingers for me - even though rumor has it that Timothy's beginning to draw the attention of influential people in the comic book industry, Juno tells me that they might be able to get him to do the cover for Book 2 as well, which would be, in a word, soopahfantastic.

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