Monday, September 24, 2007

More Blood Magic Mentions

I just got a nod over at Fantasy Debut, a blog all about break-out authors working in the fantasy genre. The comments there are positive - thanks a million for the mention if anyone from there is reading this.

While there, I saw this interview with Paula Guran from Juno. Here's what she had to say about Blood Magic:

Our first mass market is BLOOD MAGIC by Matt Cook (see, we DO publish guys). It is written in first person with chapters alternating between the "now" in and the past providing the back story. The heroine is an anti-heroine in some respects -- she possesses a dark form of magic she doesn't completely understand herself. After her twin sister is murdered she uses that magic to avenge her death and flee. We know from the first page she's a warrior involved in a bloody war against an inhuman foe and as that plotline develops we learn simultaneously how she gained her skills and evolved from a protected, well-bred girl to an extraordinary women. There's no "romantic" element in the traditional sense, but a relationship with a fellow soldier and a relationship she develops with another woman is part of the story.

It's still exceedingly weird to hear someone say anything about the book - I suppose the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now I positively love hearing what other people are getting from the book and what they focus on. Thanks again to anyone and everyone that's reading it, and I look forward to your comments here, in email or in reviews.


Tia Nevitt said...

I'm going to start featuring your fellow Juno author, Carole McDonnell, tomorrow. It looks like good things are coming from Juno Books! I love to see new publishers and I hope Juno succeeds.

Raven said...

I picked up Blood Magic today. I'm supposed to save it for a plane trip next week, but I'm tempted to start it now. Gotta exert willpower here!

Matt Cook said...

I hope so to - everyone at Juno's been great to work with and the list of books they have in the chute looks great!

Thanks for picking up a copy, Raven and I hope you like it.