Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sneak Peek - Book 2 Cover Art!

Timothy Lantz dropped me a sneak-peek of the cover he's working on for Book 2, and I have to say that, so far, it looks wonderful! I asked my publisher if I could share this, so here it is (click the picture for a slightly larger version).

Check out Lia - she looks great! She kind of reminds me of a young(er) Suzanne Vega, which is interesting, since I still listen to her music quite a lot. Hmmm... Tim - are you hiding in the bushes outside my office while I work? If so, give a guy a holler, will ya, so I can buy you a drink?

I was really hoping to see Tim's take on the Mor on this cover (yes, they will be returning in Book 2 - with a vengeance), but Paula, my goddess-editor over at Juno, tells me that the mass-market cover would be too crammed with the extra element. Yeah, OK, I get that... Maybe I can beg Tim to sketch something out for me - seems like that would be a worthwhile way to spend some of my advance.

For more of Timothy's artwork, check out his web site: Stygian Darkness. Thanks, Tim!


Paul said...

Hmmmmm... hot dark magic chicks in a suggestive pose, or ugly old Mor... which would I buy in the bookstore???

Nuf said.


Great stuff, Matt. Congrats!

Matt Cook said...

True... still, seeing Mor would be so cool... =)

Katie said...

I like it, it really catches your eye.

Starlit Rogue said...

Very cool and can't wait!