Thursday, September 20, 2007

Harriet Klausner Gives Blood Magic 5 Stars

Yes, I'm totally turning cartwheels...

Harriet Klausner just gave Blood Magic a 5-star review on Amazon.

5 stars!

For those that don't know who Harriet is, she's one of Amazon's top reviewers, and has been written up in such lofty publications as Time and Wired.

This is, as they say, frickin' huge. Harriet, if you're out there, thank you.


Holly Bell said...

You've got TWO five-star reviews there now. And the second reviewer compares you to Bujold, who is one of my favorite authors of all time. Congrats on what already looks like a very promising launch!

See you at ConText. :)

Cory said...

Congrats! You must be thrilled :)

I love the typeface and how it was integrated into the picture--that really makes a great cover.

See you at Context