Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top 10 Rules of Space Opera...


Um... yeah. This is actually pretty true (much to my chagrin).

Thanks go to Katrina from my writer's group for this. (( Bows )).

Sample rule:

9. There should be a captain. If there is not a captain, there should be a special agent. If there is not a special agent, there should be a cadet with a future. If there is no cadet with a future, there should be a mercenary with a dark past.

If there is no mercenary with a dark past, there should be a wisecracking stowaway. If there is no wisecracking stowaway, there should be a witch. If there is no witch, there should be a scientist. If there is no scientist, just remake Spaceballs.

More rules for would-be Space Opera writers HERE.


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