Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I SHALL have it!


Holy shit... I just found my new dining room table. If you have no idea what this is well... I guess that just means that you're not a gaming geek.

Don't worry - I still respect you.

From the web site:

The Emissary is our hybrid Gaming & Dining table.

Incorporating the same Dropped Play Surface and Layer Cake game surface as the Sultan Gaming Table, the Emissary has the features to take your games to the next level.

All packed into an gorgeous dining room table constructed of solid hardwoods with quality joinery, this table will perform for generations.

There is a place waiting for one in your Home.
Hell yeah, there is, man! ALl for only $1500 - quite a steal. I'm very taken by the "dropped" playing surface. The idea of leaving all my gaming stuff or even half-painted miniatures lying undisturbed in the recessed area, just waiting for my next session is powerfully appealing.

Or... if you have upwards of $9 Large burning a hole in your pocket, you can always go totally nuts and purchase The Sultan which is sot of like the Emissary on rhino steroids. If you're a gamer I double-dog dare you to browse the photos of the Sultan behind that link and not drool. The workmanship looks amazing, and, hey, what more can I say beyond:

The Sultan comes with central dice bay. This is a deep dice rolling area separated from the play area with enough containment to really roll.

Some configurations also have internal dice towers. Throw your dice in the top and let the table give you truly random results below.

Next steps: find a job so I can actually, you know, pay for all that delicious hardwood gaming goodness. No luck yet, I'm afraid, despite a recent interview. Send happy-happy thoughts my way, okee dokee?


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