Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Shoe Factory" to appear in Interzone!

I just got good news from Andrew Cox, the editor over at Interzone Magazine: my short story, "The Shoe Factory", will appear in an upcoming issue! Details on recent acceptances can be found here.

No details yet on which issue it will appear in, but it should be coming soon - I'll be sure to drop notice when I know more.

Over the years, Interzone (a British Science Fiction bi-monthly published by TTA Press) has published works from top-notch writers such as William Gibson, Stephen Baxter, J.G. Ballard, Alastair Reynolds, Terry Pratchett and Jason Sanford. Interzone has also been nominated 25 consecutive times times for the Hugo Award for best semiprozine, winning the award in 1995. It has also published several works which have won the British Science Fiction Award.

Having a piece accepted by such a prestigious magazine is indeed an honor, and I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to proofread the story and offer me comments and suggestions, including: Amy Szabo, Jason Sanford, Sherrian Gildemeister and the members of Columbus Writeshop (the best damn writer's group in the Known Universe) - my work, as always, is worlds better for your help and involvement.


Another black-out - so sorry...

Yes, I know... It's been weeks since my last update - my sincere apologies. The simple fact is that I've had nothing new to report or really talk about for a while, and blogging about the hours I put in at my day job and my hobbies is just a *wee* narcissistic I think . I don't know how it is with anyone else, but when I find myself uninspired, just putting in my hours to pay the bills, I chose to save every last iota of creative energy for my daily writing. That means that blogging comes last.

In this age of constant contact I know that statement is tantamount to heresy, but it's just how I operate. If you just can't get enough of me (um... right), I still post on Facebook - please feel free to look me up there if you feel so inclined. In that much more casual environment I post mainly fun links and other distractions, but this space I save for other things.

I'm posting here now because I *do* have an announcement coming - I'll post it in a separate thread. This space I wanted to reserve for an apology for my absence, as well as a continued nod of thanks and gratitude for all of you who, through your messages and emails, keep me enthusiastic about this craft called writing. So: danke, gratze, gratias agimus, obrigado, tack, diakuiu, gracias, arigato and do jeh!