Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another black-out - so sorry...

Yes, I know... It's been weeks since my last update - my sincere apologies. The simple fact is that I've had nothing new to report or really talk about for a while, and blogging about the hours I put in at my day job and my hobbies is just a *wee* narcissistic I think . I don't know how it is with anyone else, but when I find myself uninspired, just putting in my hours to pay the bills, I chose to save every last iota of creative energy for my daily writing. That means that blogging comes last.

In this age of constant contact I know that statement is tantamount to heresy, but it's just how I operate. If you just can't get enough of me (um... right), I still post on Facebook - please feel free to look me up there if you feel so inclined. In that much more casual environment I post mainly fun links and other distractions, but this space I save for other things.

I'm posting here now because I *do* have an announcement coming - I'll post it in a separate thread. This space I wanted to reserve for an apology for my absence, as well as a continued nod of thanks and gratitude for all of you who, through your messages and emails, keep me enthusiastic about this craft called writing. So: danke, gratze, gratias agimus, obrigado, tack, diakuiu, gracias, arigato and do jeh!


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