Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Spot Blood Magic" Contest from Juno!

I saw this in Juno's newsletter and thought I'd pass it along:



Be the first to find BLOOD MAGIC by Matthew Cook in a Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstore and win!

That's right: as soon as you see a copy take a picture of yourself with the book in a store (cell phone photos are fine) and email us with the evidence. Email editor@juno-books.com with "I found it!" as the subject.


OK... so, I'm not sure what the actual prize from Juno is, however I'll promise here and now that whoever wins the contest will also receive a signed copy of the book direct from me. I'll get the winner's contact info from Juno and will personally send out your defaced... erm, I mean your autographed copy as soon as the contest is complete.