Thursday, August 30, 2007

Deep breath... World Fantasy in November

Wow... I just made my reservations for the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs in November. It's... expensive. Oh, well, it's probably the best possible thing I could have spent the second half of my advance on, right?

I couldn't afford to stay at the hotels right near the convention center, so I found a room on Travelocity at some place called the "Robin Hood Motel" on Rt. 50. It sounds charming... so that probably means that it's absolutely terrifying. Visions of mutated bedbugs as big as my hand, looking something like a cross between a cockroach and a rabid possum are now flitting through my mind. Must remember to bring hip-waders and something from my sword collection with me... you know, just in case the trip turns into a John Carpenter movie. At least it was cheap(er).

Anyone looking for a roommate for the convention? Seriously.

Paula Guran says that the trip will be a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other editors at the New York houses "for when I outgrow Juno", and she tells me that she can facilitate introductions. Have I said lately how lucky I am that I found Paula? To quote the eminent sage, Goofy: "Gawrsh."

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure if her confidence in my writing is heartwarming or terrifying - it really is a mix of both. I have nothing but good feelings for Juno so far, and I hope that our business relationship will prove to be long-lasting, positive and profitable, but I have to admit that the idea of seeing a Tor or a Del Ray or some other "established" house's logo above my name on a new book spine is nothing short of intoxicating. From your lips to God's ears, Paula.

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