Thursday, August 30, 2007

Claiming my geek cred

First, allow me to draw your attention to the new WIRED article about something that I feel is one of the Best Things In The Entire Universe: Penny Arcade. Go. Read. Return when ready.


So either you got that or you didn't - either way is OK with me. I link to that because:

1. This is the interweb and I am a webstronaut (have been for years and years), and cross-linking to random stuff is one of Our People's most cherished rights and:

2. Besides writing novels and short stories I also edit (and write many of the reviews for) the PC Games and Hardware section of, a game review and community site. As such, people like Mike and Jerry really speak to me. I grok them, if I might be so bold as to claim it.

That reminds me... I really haven't said much about my game and hardware reviews over on good ol' MG. I've been working there for literally years and over that time I've given my opinions on dozens of games, good (F.E.A.R.), bad (Postal 2), and just plain fugly (some so bad I literally cannot rember their titles, but Lula 3D springs to mind), and overall I'm proud of the work. One day, maybe I'll actually get to work on games for a living - wouldn't that be great?

Please understand that the tone of wistful longing that practically dripped from that last sentence isn't lost on me - I'm almost 40 (%$#@!!!) and I'm well aware that statements like that are more appropriate for people for whom chest and pubic hair is still a novelty. Still, I think that I could contribute a lot to a game. More on that later.

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