Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This CANNOT be real...

Can it??

Is this really Republican VP Sarah Palin's blog? I mean... I dearly, dearly hope not. It's gotta be some sort of joke, right? here's one of several, um, "gems"?

I'm gonna be a grampa!

Guest Blogger: Todd Palin

Well well well Miss Briss! You know I just cant believe it. It was just last year I was escorting you to the purity ball and now here you are, a grown woman and about to have a baby! Youll have to excuse a sentimental old fool but man you sure did grow up fast.

I just want you to know that Im awful proud of you. I will admit I was worried at first about this fiancey of yours. I mean Levi, thats not a normal name like Trapper or Hunter or Trigger or Scout. Also whenever I drove you kids to Mcdonalds I noticed he always seemed to get the steak and egg bagel. Im not prejudice but its my job to watch out for my grandkids immortal souls, right?

But after going hunting with Levi I know Ive got nothing to worry about. As that helicopter started to takeoff I turned to him and said son I need you to be straight with me, is Jesus Christ your lord and savior? and he said yes sir of course he is. That was enough for me! I said well alright, lets go stomp us some wolves! And did he ever, that boy is a good shot. He also told me a story about snagging some salmon up by moose lake, Im still tickled thinking about it. By the end we'd made plans for me to give him some snowmobiling lessons ( I think thats going to be part of my wedding present to you guys).

Anyway I just want to say I love you Briss, and I think youve found a fine man. I cant wait to have you guys visit the white house!


Yep... GOTTA be a joke (crosses fingers).

EDIT - I guess I have to take back every snide, nasty thing I ever said about CNN's Campbell Brown. Watch her absolutely skewer McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds on Palin's so-called "experience". Wow... (Hat tip: The Daily Dish)

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