Monday, September 22, 2008

Matt will be at ConText 21 on Sept. 26-28!!

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be attending this year's ConText Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in my home town of Columbus, Ohio from Friday night, the 26th of September to Sunday the 28th. I'll be sitting in on panels and I'm going to ask them for an autograph session.

So... If you fancy a good writer's con, or have been wanting to meet me in the flesh, you really should try out ConText. Editors from all sorts of magazines and publishing houses tend to be there and are generally open and willing to talk business, as this is a "working con" for many of them.

Also note that my wonderful editor at Juno Books, Paula Guran, will be this year's Editor Guest of Honor. Be sure to catch any panels she's on - she's a real pro. If you've read Blood Magic and/or Nights of Sin and liked them, please track her down and let her know. She and Juno took a huge chance on my work (Kirin's story isn't really the tradtional "paranormal romance" tale that Juno's known for), and I figure the more people that ler her know her decision was a good one, the better.

Hope to meet a bunch of you this weekend!


Dan said...

We'll see you there, Matt! Add our "Whine and Cheezit" party to your itinerary Friday night!

Matt Cook said...

Yummy Cheezits! I'm *so* all over that. See you there!