Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Creampuff to Conan the Barbarian

I know I promised no more political stuff, but... da-yum.

Once again: I'm proven wrong about Campbell Brown. When I used to see her on CNN, I had to struggle to keep awake. "Softball" was the least offensive of the nicknames I had for her.

Now she's more like Conan the Frickin' Barbarian. Whatever the hell they're slipping into Ms. Brown's water, I want some. Grrrrrrrrrrroowl!

Hopefully, her reaction below (televised just before President Bush's speech last night) is the "tip of the spear" and represents the first real flood-tide of change in the way the media's been asleep at the switch until, oh, about this time last month. From then until now we've gone from "Lipstickgate" to actual, substantial challenging of the day's events. You gotta love the call for an open and honest debate. DEBATE. Love it.

Keep it up, Campbell!!

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