Monday, July 7, 2008

Book Update: Things are looking up!

Just heard from Paula at Juno... they're asking me to update my bio so that means the release date for Nights of Sin is imminent! Amazon has a release date of Sept. 3, which jibes with what I've heard, although they still don't have a cover illustration posted, which is disturbing. Last time, they had one several months in advance...

Now for a favor: I'm hearing from Paula that Juno will likely *not* do a large second printing of Book 1 (Blood Magic), "unless large chain store orders warrant it". That means that it's likely that places like Barnes and Nobles will *not* have large numbers of Blood Magic to display next to Nights of Sin. I worry because I'm the kind of guy that if he sees a Book 2 of a series that looks good, but Book 1 isn't sitting right there, I'll generally pass on purchasing it.

I hear you ask: "how can I help"? Thrilled you asked. By going to your local bookseller and asking them why they don't have a copy on the shelves! I'm not goig to ask anyone to purchase a second (or third, or fourth) copy of Book 1, even though they do, y'know, make excellent gifts, but maybe just asking might inspire them to order a few more copies.

Last, things are most definitely looking up for me personally. For those that don't know (read as: you haven't been reading this site over the past few months), I've had a bit of personal turmoil lately, but all that seems to be clearing up. But don't worry - I don't begrudge the bad times. They're like stormy nights in the summer here in Ohio: tumultuous and scary and dramatic, what with all the midnight tornado sirens wailing like banshees in the night, but soon enough those squalls blow past, revealing a freshly-scrubbed, rain-drenched landscape ripe for new, growing things.

(This concludes the metaphor/simile portion of today's blog post - thank you for flying with us.)

If you're one of the people that have been helping me out, both personally and professionally (and you know who you are) then I say "thank you" a thousand, thousand times. I'll always appreciate the things you've done for me, and I can't wait to repay the favor - I know you're going through your own crap. Keep your chins up, the smiles on your faces and never let the petty asswipes get you down. You will triumph.

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