Tuesday, July 8, 2008

McDonald's intentionally pisses off religious nut jobs?

Saw THIS little gem over on the Huffington Post. Love the HP (although this great piece comes from Chris Kelly). The quotes are really a "must read" - I genuinely wonder if any of these people decrying the "homos" have even read the effing bible.

Money quote:

I just had a thought -- honest to God, I swear this wasn't where I was heading with this thing; I was just going to make a lot of snotty remarks about reductio ad absurdum and the McFaddin Family's feet -- but it occurs to me that McDonald's has done something brilliant:

They've deliberately offended a demographic they don't want.

For just $20,000, they've chased off all the crazy people who hang McDonald's sputtering and ranting and making me not want to eat there.

It's genius.

Now, if they'd just bring back the McRib.

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