Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ear wax... candles?

I'm sorry, but... WTF?

Here's a quote from the web site:

It was long believed that ear candling actually "drew out" earwax through suction, or a vacuuming effect. However, we now know that very little if any of the residue left in the unburned portion of the candle is actually ear wax. Most of it is created by the burning of the candle itself. It is just not possible for an ear candle to be powerful enough to suck out ear wax. Candling can however, soften and loosen impacted wax allowing the wax to find its way out of the ear canal naturally.

You know what else softens ear wax and allows it to "find its way out"? Hot showers.

Given the aroma I've experienced rolling off some of the "dirty hemp people" I've met, perhaps they should try a little soap and hot water first. It's much cheaper, and doesn't leave you smelling like a wet llama in a smokehouse... with a burning candle sticking out of your ear, let's not forget.


Anonymous said...

Um, my mom was having some taste and smell problems a few years ago and ran across some oh so reliable research online which suggested that an ear candle might help. Since one can't really light a candle in their own ear very well, I , being the dutiful daughter that I am, agreed to (was dragged into?) help perform the ritual.

Neither of us could keep a straight face, really, and so still perpetually smelled an ammonia-like odor and couldn't taste chocolate or diet coke for several more months. Don't worry, everything is better thanks to the ear candle.

Anonymous said...

by the way, that comment was me.


Matt Cook said...

Glad she can taste chocolate now... Sheesh! I can't imagine. Funny that you've actually used these things before - I'd never heard of them before the other day.