Monday, June 23, 2008

Floating cities are just COOL...

If there's an "up-side" to all the recent weather- and environment-related chaos, it's that people are spending lots of time and resources dreaming up things like THIS.

From the linked site:

Each of these floating cities are designed to hold approximately around 50,000 people. A mixed terrain man-made landscape, provided by an artificial lagoon and three ridges, create a diverse environment for the inhabitants. Each Lilypad is intended to be either near a coast, or floating around in the ocean, traveling from the equator to the northern seas, according to where the gulf stream takes it.
That's simply amazing. And, if built properly, it's self-sustaining, getting all its energy from wind, tide and bio power. Oh, yeah, and it actually absorbs CO2, like the water lily that it resembles.

Science fiction? I think not...

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