Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Published again - Mini Cooper Calendar

Some of you may know that besides being a writer I also like to take photographs. I haven't done as much with it as I used to, mainly because after art school I had no regular access to a dark room or the funds to stay stocked up with film and photographic paper.

Luckily, the digital revolution has done quite a bit for photography - no longer must a photographer invest thousands in a darkroom, enlarger, chemicals and other paraphernalia to make images. A few years back I made the jump to digital and bought a basic, low-end Canon Digital Rebel, and I've never looked back.

Some of you might also know that I love my cars. I have a pair of Mini Coopers, a red 1275 from 1976 and an orange convertible Cooper S from 2006. They really are financial black holes and eat up way more of my time and money then I can afford, but hey, I've wanted a classic Mini since college (I saw my firrst Cooper way back in 1987 and have been in love with the little beasts ever since), so owning them is something of a "life goal".


I'm boring you all with this because I just got one of my photos published in this year's theminiforum.co.uk's annual calendar contest. HERE is a thread on their forums announcing the winners (my car is the "May" entry).

It's not much... just a photo credit and a free copy of the calendar (EDIT: maybe), but for those in the Mini community it's a bit of a status symbol. Plus, it's always good to get validation from others that your artistic work is pleasing and has merit. Thanks theminforum.co.uk for the opportunity to appear in your calendar!

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