Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blood Magic Reviewed on

A new review of Blood Magic just went up on Katie McNeal had some wonderfully positive things to say about the book - thanks so much, Katie! Here's a quote:

Blood Magic is Matthew Cook’s debut and I have to admit that for a first book I am more than a little impressed. Once I started reading I found myself unable to put the book down as Kirin’s past and present rushed toward each other in a story that simply demands to be read. Not only does Cook tell a strong story, he gives us a strong convincing female protagonist, something not all male writers can pull off.

Katie mentioned in her review that she wished I'd talked more about the Mor, the subterranean, six-limbed monsters that invade Kirin's world, and pondered whether or not I'd be fleshing them out more in Book 2. The answer is: YES. The sequel, Nights of Sin, deals with the Mor quite a bit and should give the reader a deeper understanding of their motives for starting their war against humanity.

Also, I promised that I'd be talking more about Context in here, and I am working on that post, trust me. Check back later today for my ramblings.

Thanks again Katie, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book. Comments like "...I found myself unable to put the book down" make the long, sometimes grueling process of writing so worth it.


Katie said...

Thanks for this! :)

Matt Cook said...

Thank YOU for the review, Katie. I'm glad you enjoyed it!