Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fatty fatty fat fat

I ran across this ad on a blog and I just had to stop and marvel:

Please GOD let this disgusting water buffalo lose 25 pounds and get her disgustingly rounded little tummy off my computer screen! As a father of a 16 year old daughter, this sort of marketing (which, let's face it, is everywhere), really freaks me out.

On more serious news - I've been wrapped up with the saga of my wrecked car all week, but despite this I'm still on target for a November completion of my manuscript first draft. Worst case would be that I deliver the first 95% to my editor in November (which should keep her plenty busy) and the last 5% in December.

Look for an interesting update to the car saga in the coming days, as well as my take on World Fantasy when I get back this weekend - I'm leaving for New York early tomorrow morning. Wish me luck on my pitches to the big NY houses for Rowantree!


J.K. said...

Good luck with pitching Rowantree to the big NY publishing houses!

I've very eager to read the finished version, in its entirety.

-Constant Reader a.k.a. Jen

gmkieran said...

Best of luck!!! I'm looking forward to it, too! I still have the version you sent me for edits, way back when. *g*