Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apologies and a Freebie

I'm sorry that posts have slowed over the past few days... I'm simply slammed with work. Between my day J.O.B., getting set to take a few trips for said time-sink, and desperately writing to meet my editor's deadline for Book 2, I'm swamped.

Some quick news: I'm working with some local Barnes and Noble's and Border's stores in Central Ohio to see about doing some book signings - check back for news. I'll post any scheduled appearances here well in advance and I hope to see you there.

Also, Juno sent me a link to a little thing they prepared as a give-away - a .PDF file for a Blood Magic bookmark. I like it - hopefully they'll print out a bunch of these suckers sometime soon as giveaways. In the meantime, you can download a copy HERE.

No luck with the agent search yet, although I did get some preliminary replies... We'll see if any pan out. Something's telling me that nothing will really move until I can meet people face-to-face at World Fantasy next month, but we'll see.

Until next time!


Susan said...

Definitely share signing locals and dates, that way I can come and fawn over the author. The bookmark looks great, and just to let you know, the Border's up here finally has your book on the shelf. I did a little happy dance for you when I saw it.. :)

Matt Cook said...

Awesome... Maybe I can drive up and do a signing up there. Do you think the store's large enough to draw a crowd? Not that ANY additional sales wouldn't help, but... =)

Thanks, Susan!

Susan said...

The store is one of the bigger locations. Definitely give it some thought. I'll even volunteer to play assistant if you come up.

Katie said...

I like the bookmark alot. I love Tim's artwork, it is all just so beautiful. And that is so cool about your book signings. :)

Jim C. Hines said...

Hey Matt - I stopped by a few local bookstores today, and our big independent had copies of Blood Magic.

Not on the shelves, mind you. But on the big display table in the SF/F section.

My books don't even show up there, and I'm one of the locals!

You're kicking butt and taking names, mon ami!