Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The 99" - Islamic comics... I'd read it...

Saw this over on Andrew Sullivan's blog and found it so interesting that I thought I'd link back to it, too.

The 99 is a superhero comic book that features heroes that have powers based in the teachings of Islam. Here's the quote that really intrigued me:

In many ways, the vision for The 99 grew out of this moment. Al-Mutawa's hope is that the comic book - introduced in the Arab world in the summer of 2006 - will showcase a positive, tolerant, and heroic side of Islam that rarely gets much attention. Many of the characters have Arab-sounding names, and the series' premise derives from the 99 positive attributes of Allah, but there are no prayers, nor passages from the Koran, nor dialogues filled with religious jargon. Unlike the efforts by some evangelical Christians to co-opt pop culture (like rock music) and use it as a tool for proselytizing, al-Mutawa's agenda is subtler, and his emphasis remains on telling a good story.

Read the rest of the Boston Globe magazine article HERE.


Saleem Siddiqui said...

This is an amazing Idea. I grew up reading comics just like many kids in the US. This is one of the concepts that I had been thinking of to help change the perception of Muslims in the West. Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa has put together an excellent team to produce this high quality work of art.

Check it out here and listen to the interview!

Tammy J. Crumpton said...

The creed of Muslims around the world says that there is only one God for all of mankind. Scriptures teach that God is the creator of the universe and has no form, and therefore prohibits representation of God in any physical form. Though these don’t prohibit drawing images of people in general, traditionally Islamic Comics have refrained from drawing the faces of holy personalities. And I respect this tradition.