Monday, October 8, 2007

Darque Review and Interview

Darque Reviews just put up a write-up of Blood Magic - you can read the entire review HERE, but here's a snippet:

Blood Magic is dark fantasy that at times crosses the line into horror. Kirin has seen and caused more than her share of death and destruction, but the battle against the Mor rages on. Set in a fast pace of alternating timelines, Mr. Cook builds a strong world for his heroine’s dangerous journey and fills it with dark magic, fatal combat and just a touch of love to encourage hope. Compelling, dark and most certainly deserving of a sequel.

Also, Katie's Reading posted an interview she did with me on her blog. Here's a snippet, and you can read the entire interview HERE.

How can you not work from an outline? I always find myself getting lost without one.

MC: The answer is... I have no idea. I like to have a few pages written sketching out the overall flow of the story... This happens and then this other thing happens and somehow this last thing ends up happening as a result... that sort of thing. But I seldom know all the deeper connections until I start working. Most of the time, even I end up having those "Oh,... so that's why this guy was so hostile to my main character back in Chapter five!" moments. I like to think it's my subconscious playing shell games with my sanity.


Pholtus said...

Looking hot as ever :)

Matt Cook said...

Why, thank you... =)