Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll


I remember the good old days when Rock and Roll was the music of rebellion. When it was about taking chances and doing stupid things. Now it's been supplanted by Rap and (surprisingly) Country and Western music for drug references. Country? Really? The music of the Heartland?

Whatever happened to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll?

Guess I have to start encouraging my daughter to listen to more Punk and less Travis Tritt or "Fitty Cent".

Oh, wait... I already do that.

Carry on, citizens...


Rachel Barth said...

Dude! Where have you been? Country is like your bi-polar uncle: 1 day he's all about love and patriotism and Gawwwd, the next day he's all about getting shit-faced and beat-up whilst getting over some skank. As in:

"She'll have you back --
Back to drinkin' in no time
Back to walkin' on your knees"

Thank you, Mr. McGraw.

Or how about:

Give me two Pina Coladas
I want one for each hand
Let's set sail with Captain Morgan
Though we'll never reach dry land."

Thank you, Mr. Brooks. Boy, is there more where that came from.

And I'm not even looking at Gretchen Wilson and all them new-fangled country people.

If you're going to count every reference to alcohol, I'm frankly surprised that Country didn't come in #1 for substance abuse. Plus, there's Johnny Cash, and he did every darn drug there was, I heard. "Sundy morning, coming down."

Rachel Barth said...

P.S. I bet those guys weren't counting Kid Rock as a country artist. If you do that, well, the sky's the frickin' limit!

Matt Cook said...

Hehehe... all excellent points. Love that line about the bi-polar uncle - I might have to "borrow" that one day, being the good little Post-Modernist that I am.