Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm home...

Three days and 2,300 miles later and I'm finally home.

We found a replacement car for our dearly departed "Nano" - in Los Angeles. Turns out the car has an interesting history and story, and I just couldn't turn it down.

There's lots of details in this thread over on, a MINI Cooper site for those that want every detail (ImagoX is my user ID over there in case you were wondering), but in a nutshell, the car we chose to replace the one that was wrecked belonged to a lady named Dawn out in L.A.. Dawn had cancer, and her husband, Larry, bought the car for her as a 40th birthday present, Right after, she got very ill from her condition and really could not drive it. Unfortunately, Dawn died about eight months ago. What's strange though is that Larry decided to finally list the car for sale on the day we wrecked the orange car. Coincidence? I think not...

Long(ish) story short, I flew out to L.A. on Wednesday and spent the next three days driving home. Kara and I decided to name the car "Dawn" after her (yes, we named it - car people are weird, what can I say?) I could have shipped the car back, but I quite honestly wanted to meet Larry and shake his hand, which I did as you can see.

Along the way, I stopped by the VLA in New Mexico, which was over 200 miles out of my way, but was something I've wanted to see for my whole life, so it was worth it:

As well as dealt with a case of pea-soup fog in Oklahoma:

It was really something to drive so far... I was honestly worried that I might be too old for such a long road trip, but it went just fine - thank God for audio books on CD!

Now that I'm home, I really must buckle down and get Book 2 complete!

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