Thursday, January 15, 2009

In my research...


I'm working on a new book, a novel set in modern times about games, game theory, the desire to create autobiography and biography, and, in the end, the sometimes destructive compulsion to create. Some people in my close circle of friends and family know about it, but I'm not ready to say much more about it right now. I have the feeling that it may be one of those books that gets written over the course of several years, and I don't want to kill it with too much talk.

Suffice to say that in doing some light research, I came across this fascinating (and by "fascinating", I mean "completely terrifying") article in UK's The Independent. It's an interview with David Irving, a man who believes (or so he claims) that Adolf Hitler prophesied that he would one day be his biographer, a noble task that he has embraced. What follows is a fascinating view of a skewed and very possibly delusional mind. Or he might just be a charlatan. Personally, I think that "misunderestmates" (to borrow from our President's last press confrerence) the depth of this guys wackiness, but...

As I told a friend recently: it's things like this that keep me up nights now.


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