Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I say 'let your children die'..."

The Huffington Post has a piece up detailing some of the threatening and insulting voicemails they've received since the allegations of voter registration fraud came to light. Even though they're very upsetting, they're definitely worth listening to.


From the article:

"...Henderson-James also provided reporters with examples of emails sent to ACORN employees since the Republican barrage of allegations began. In one, an ACORN manager in Ohio is told that she is "going to have her life ended."

Another refers to "corrupt ni**er Muslims." A third, with the subject line "You blue gums," says, "You blue gums are not going to steal the election. All of you porch monkeys need to go back to Africa."

ACORN, a membership organization, works largely in lower-income and minority communities but engages in outreach to all demographics, including white, African-American, Hispanic, elderly, and college student groups."

For the record... I congratulate ACORN for their continued work to register voters in traditionally under-served and disenfranchised communities. You guys are doing good work and I see and acknowledge your... well I guess in light of this, the only word I can use for what you're showing is "bravery". Be safe and know that this American citizen applauds your efforts.

To anyone that's run across this as a result of a blind web spider search: ACORN does nothing but register voters. They don't sign up voters "for" a certain candidate and they definitely will not be in the voting booth with those folks when they go to pull the lever. Also, for those screaming "election fraud" - election fraud only occurs when someone appears at a voting location and attempts to submit a fraudulent ballot. Nobody's turned up at a polling station with a fake ID in the name of "Micky Mouse" or "Bart Simpson of Fumundamyballs Lane" that I know of. If you have such evidence, please let me know. Better let the FBI know, as that would indeed be a crime.

In other words:

"ACORN denies trying to falsify voter registrations and asserts that any falsified forms were submitted by dishonest employees trying to avoid work. The group also notes that fraudulent registrations seldom are used to cast actual ballots. Independent studies show that cases of actual vote fraud are extremely rare. For example, a report coauthored by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters found only four fraudulent votes out of 9 million cast in Ohio between 2002 and 2004. That report concluded that fraudulent voting was statistically rarer than being hit by lightning. This year, despite claiming widespread fraud, the only evidence Republican officials have been able to point to of fraudulent voting itself is one man whose allegedly ineligible early vote was caught by Ohio authorities last week. Late last week, G.O.P. representatives also claimed to have discovered evidence that 28 primarily Hispanic New Mexico voters had cast illegal votes in this year's primary election, but ACORN representatives on a conference call Monday morning claimed to have made contact with four of those voters, discovering that while all had registered for the first time this year (three were young voters and the fourth was an elderly immigrant who recently became a naturalized citizen), all had cast their votes legally. After learning of ACORN's findings, the RNC appeared to abandon its claim. " (Same source)

It seems obvious that some people listed joke nanes on registration rolls. And, seriously... it wasn't smart to pay people based on the number of signatures they turned in - obvoiusly that tempted some unscrupulous ACORN employees to pad their lists. Big mistake.

But that's no reason to threaten poeple's lives and call them "corrupt". That's the result of McCain's fear-mongering. Plus, keep in mind that in calmer, saner times, even McCain and other key Republican office holders supported ACORN as well.

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