Friday, October 24, 2008

The douche-baggery of

Man, I'm pissed...

If the video is even still up, take a look at THIS.

According to the email I just got from

It's not like they hate voting. They want to do it. They know they should. And mostly, they intend to. But some of your friends won't get around to actually voting because they haven't been reminded vividly enough.

That's why we developed this funny, scary video. It shows people what it might look like if we lose the election by a single vote: theirs.

In the video (in case you can't see it), a fake news reporter tells the world how McCain won the election because I "forgot to vote". there's even a page after the video where you can list your unsuspecting friends' names and send them personalized copies, making them feel like shit too!

I'm sorry, but this is pure douche-baggery. I've heard other people tell me that they won't deal with MoveOn any more because they left a bad taste in their mouth. Guess I know why now, huh? Ever since I purchased a set of Obama campaign buttons from them, they've barraged me with daily emails, most of which I don't read. Now they send me this, a fear-mongering ad that tries to scare me into something I was going to do anyway??

I know emotions run high close to an election, but... damn. Seriously- whoever had this bright idea at MoveOn should help the Republicans next election - they're the people that have to reply on fear and guilt to get out the vote. What a bunch of nimrods ((shakes head)).

I've removed myself from their email lists and wrote them a scathing letter, denouncing their actions.

I also want to point out that the buttons I got from MoveOn were total pieces of shit - they fell apart within 10 minutes of being removed from the packaging and would have been lost if I hadn't took them home and filled the back of the button with silicone.

Bottom line - if you want to contribute to a campaign, do it direct through the candidates' web sites (copied below), and don't use Their stuff is crap, they'll barrage you with email, and they do crap like shame and guilt you instead of appealing to your better nature.

Candidate donation web sites:

John McCain For President

Barrack Obama For President


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