Monday, May 19, 2008

Nights of Sin Cover Art

Oh, there is one other thing... Someone asked me recently (Ok, a few weeks ago... I'm sorry...) about the cover art for Nights of Sin. I said I'd posted about it but that I'd REpost it so it would rise to the top.

Of course, I forgot all about it, so here I am now, reposting it - here it is:

I also noticed that on Juno Book's home page, they have a version out with what looks like sample title and author text - sorry for the tiny image: if they have a larger version on the site yet I can't find it. Looks pretty good - better with text actually:


Greg "The Undead Rat" Fisher said...

Hey Matt,

I love the colors of the first image and you are right about the addition of the words in the second image but . . . the second image is washed in green on my monitor. Please tell me that isn't going to be the way the cover looks when I buy my copy of Nights of Sin. I really love the purple . . . and, of course, Kirin.

Matt Cook said...

Yeah... I prefer the purple to the green as well, but hey, I'm just glad that they got Lia into the cover this time. As far as I know, this is how it will look on the shelves.