Monday, May 19, 2008

Embracing vitriol.

While I don't generally embrace vitriolic, rambling dissertations on "culture", this article over on Radar Online about the current "war" between Gen X and Gen Y (renamed, charmingly, "The Millennial Generation" - gag) really struck a nerve. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan's wonderful blog for the link...

I'm experiencing a massive truckload... more like a BARGE LOAD of complete bullshit in my personal life right now... I know, blah, blah, blah, angst, angst... whatever. Nobody really likes reading about other people's personal tragedies (or if they do, they're indulging an unhealthy fascination, so I don't really want to encourage them by saying more) so I'm going to try and restrict my posts for the foreseeable future - you all don't need to be subjected to the outflow of my personal sewage pipe.

Suffice to say that I AM working on my manuscripts, and will continue to do so. Just as soon as I have substantive news to post on either Nights of Sin (still due in Fall 2008 from Juno Books) or on the still-unnamed urban fantasy (sometimes referred to as the Rowantree project, but I doubt that will be the actual title), I will, I promise.

If, however, I fail and start to further embrace the vitriol (as I know I'm wont to do) and this blog starts to resemble a dump -full of half-demolished trash that's dangerous-looking and quite possibly toxic - please send be an email bitch-slapping me back to my senses, OK? You officially have my permission...

Until next time!

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