Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm still standin'...

I'm alive everyone - sorry for the blackout. Apologies to everyone that's mailed me asking (nigh commanding) me to post in here.

BOOK UPDATE: I was experiencing a bit of burn-out a few weeks back - for those that don't know, I leaped right into the Rowantree final edit right on the heels of completing the Nights of Sin manuscript, with only about a 3-day vacation in-between. As someone that also has a full-time day job as well as a family, I was a bit overwhelmed, and the edit process slowed to a crawl as I second- (and third... and fourth... and fifth...) guessed myself over every little thing.

But, I did take a week off, and just got back from a revitilizing vacation down to North Carolina, where I participated in this year's MINIs on the Dragon event. This isn't a car enthusiast blog so I won't bore you with the minutia... suffice to say that since returning I've finished editing about 8 more chapters and have the story's finale well in sight for a proposed May completion target. Yay!

That reminds me... I really need to email an update to the prospective editor that's been asking me about the manuscript. Gotta run - more details later!

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