Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Bond film: Noooooooo!!!

Just saw this over on the Huffington Post's entertainment section:

New Bond Film: Quantum of Solace

Direct quote from the article:

Craig's second Bond adventure continues in the gritty vein of "Casino Royale," in which a rough-edged 007, newly granted his "license to kill," bled, sweat and felt real emotion. But Wilson promised it also has "twice as much action" as its predecessor.

"It's pretty jam-packed," he said.

Man, pardon my French, but the people that make Bond films just don't fucking get it, do they? I really liked the last film, Casino Royalle, for the simple reason that there was NOT a huge car chase/gun fight/wench conquest/whatever every 5 minutes.

Anyone that's read the Bond books will tell you: he's not a very nice guy. He simply can't afford to be. His womanizing, nihilism and OCD in regards to everything he eats, drinks and drives comes from the very real knowledge that he is, at any given time, moments from death in service to his country. Things aren't exploding every 5 minutes - Bond always fought a very, very cold war, and fought it well. This is what makes the novels so exciting and fascinating, but for some reason the producers of the Bond films just never seemed to understand that (and still, it seems, don't).

Personally, I hope that the tone of the article is completely wrong, and that they'll keep a leash on their urge to make every new Bond flick bigger and bolder than the last. Remember: even car chases featuring tanks and trains, and motorcycle jumps over spinning helicopter rotors couldn't stop some of the later Bond films from sucking, and sucking hard.

To the Bond producers: please guys.... more grittiness. More "Bond as a character" not "Bond as an excuse to use gadgets". More "tortured Bond" and "uncertain Bond" and, yes, "despicable bastard Bond". Please? The world's ready for a hero that's not a caricature of a man (our President's example to the contrary)... Honest.

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