Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Welcome to Bordertown" in mass market paperback!


The excellent new Bordertown collection (Welcome to Bordertown, which, you may recall, I reviewed last April) just came out in mass market paperback!

Ellen Kushner, co-editor extraordinaire, is running a contest over on her blog in honor of the edition - all you gotta do is tell a friend about the collection, blog about it (real difficult for you guys, I know...), and then copy the URL of the post on the contest's Official Comments Thread to be entered.

Here's the prize list as per Ellen's announcement post:

  • New Welcome to Bordertown paperback, signed by Holly & Ellen
  • A flyer we found in the gutter on Carnival Street announding Eldritch Steel playing at The Dancing Ferret last year (“1 free drink for noobs”)
  • A ticket for the Unicorn Trolley (expired, alas!)
  • A Bordertown necklace by Chimera Fancies Bordertown necklace by ChimeraFancies
  • A Bordertown T-shirt

I don't know about you, but I think those official B'town shirts look pretty sweet...

Good luck, and Welcome to the Border!


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