Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interzone Reader's Poll - "Insha'Allah" takes fourth!


I just heard that last year's "Insha'Allah" took a whopping FORTH PLACE in the annual Interzone Reader's Poll... Wow!

Given the quality of the stories the 'Zone published last year as well as the plethora of well-established authors who appeared in the magazine in 2011 (Jason Sanford, Mercurio D. Riveria, Suzanne Palmer, and others) this is, I think, a huge, huge event. Thanks go to everyone who voted for my story, and I'm so very happy that you liked it.

I plan to continue submitting to Interzone (as well as to Interzone's sister publication, Black Static), and hope that any future stories they may choose to publish are as well-received. Without an audience, every story I write is only half-finished. Again, thank you.


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