Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interzone #235 - First Review!

A review of all stories in Interzone #235 is up at:

Money quote:

"The stories open with the best of the bunch in my opinion, ‘Insha’Allah’ from Matthew Cook and if it opens feeling rather derivative of current events in North Africa and Afghanistan, Cook eschews a story based on a science fictiony peace-keeping mission with high tech kick-assery, dwelling instead on the effects the conflict’s having on the local population"

What's interesting is that I wrote the story almost two years ago, well in advance of the current struggle in Libya/Egypt, etc. But I agree that I did certainly want to tell a different version of this sort of "Enemy Mine" type story, using themes based on our current overseas... ah... "adventurism". Whether I was successful or not is, as always, in the eyes of the reader.

More details on "Insha'Allah" and the other great stories in Interzone #235 are at the linked URL.


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