Friday, July 8, 2011

Insha'Allah Illustration - Interzone #235

TTA Press has the first page and illustration from my short story on their Facebook page... If anyone can tell me how to link to the bigger version, please let me know -since this is on Facebook, the full-size version doesn't seem to be right-clickable to access the "Copy Image Address" menu choice.

Graphic by Richard Wagner, who also, I'm told, also did the cool, retro-pulp cover (thanks, Richard!)

I'd link you to Richard's website but I'm having trouble locating it this is a rough morning for me for some reason, sorry... If you know Richard's web site address, please post it in the Comments section.



RLR said...
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RLR said...

Oh, and the image looks fantastic. It really captures your story.

RLR said...

I deleted my first post. My FB identity code thing (probably not the techy term) may have been in the URL. I think the URL below should work.

RLR said...

And while I'm working the former librarian part of my brain, is this Wagner's site?

W. I. Boucher said...

Looks great Matt. The URL RLR provided worked for me.