Friday, January 14, 2011

Award Nomination: British Science Fiction Association


Just learned that "The Shoe Factory" made the long list for "Best Short Story" for 2010 from the British Science Fiction Association. The entire long list can be found here:

Scanning who I'm up against (Tanith Lee! Stephen Baxter! Bill Willingham! Aliette de Bodard! So many others!) I think my chances are... well... let's be polite and call them slim, but hope springs eternal, right? Either way, it's one hell of an honor to even be nominated, particularly considering that the story was, for all practical purposes, my first professional short-story sale.

PS - Yeah, I know they typo'd my name (they have me listed as Michael Cook...) - I dropped them a note asking them to change it.

Wish me luck, and if you're a member of the BSFA and liked the story, please feel free to second (or third... or fourth...) the nomination!