Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blood Magic on the web!


Web alert:

The Blood Magic series was just mentioned by guest blogger Jason Sanford over on Jeff Vandermeer's blog, Ecstatic Days. Full disclosure: Jason Sanford is a member of Writeshop, the Columbus-based writer's group which critiques all my work.

Click HERE to see the full write-up.

Money quote:

I’m optimistic Matt will find a new publisher for the third book. The reprint rights are also available. So if any publishers are looking for a hot new writer to bring under their wing, two words: Matt Cook!

I should also admit a purely selfish reason for blogging about this: I WANT TO READ THIS FINAL NOVEL! I refuse to fall in love with these characters and their story and not discover how everything turns out.

I'm hopeful as well, and continue to work hard on the series. Now that the publication rights have reverted back to me from Juno, my goal is to try and tempt another published to pick up the entire collection. It's a dream of mine to see all 3 books in a set, perhaps as a trade paperback set (with matching covers) or even, dare I say, a hardcover set. With a slipcase! ((Swoon!))

Of course, I gotta finish that pesky third book, first... Never fear though - it's coming along. Perhaps not as quickly as the other books (particularly Book 2, which was written in about 8 months total), but it will be done!


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irothz said...

OMG! this makes me so happy!!!! After I finished the second book, I've been thinking on and off if a third is coming. because I LOVED the two first ones.. Kirin is so wonderful, amazingly well made. lovely lovely lovely. long time since I read such good fantasy. (except Patrick Rothfuss Name of the Wind).. but otherwise it was years ago!
take your time and write it well! I'm looking forward to your finishing and publishing another success!

Best wishes and love
/Liz, in sweden