Thursday, September 3, 2009



Good news!! I've received a very handsome offer from Yodlee, a Silicon Valley software company, to work for them as a Product Manager. I've been talking to them for weeks now, and it seems as if they feel I'd be a good fit. I'm spending the morning filling out paperwork and working through the details of the offer letter, but it looks like, barring any 11th-hour madness, I'll be employed in the 14th of September!

Thanks to EVERYONE who has sent me emails, calls and support messages over the last 6 months - they really helped. Also thanks to Greg McCrery, who I used to work with at CheckFree, for getting the ball rolling via your recommendation at LinkedIn - this never would have happened without you!

Back to work!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt, sounds like a pretty sweet gig. I am happy you found something, it's rough out there right now.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dude, seems like a good match for your background. Will you be moving out west?

-Brian Nutwell