Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Texting While Driving PSA


Saw this over on HuffPo earlier today and thought I'd cross-link to it here.

I have an 18 year-old daughter who texts literally all the time, often times, I fear, while behind the wheel. She also often has her infant in the car. I really hope she sees this...

There are some interesting links in the original post, some to sites asking the question "does this go too far?"

In a word: no.

In America, most teens learn to drive in an automatic car, which takes little effort and thought to operate. New drivers literally have no idea how much momentum a car picks up at even slower speeds, and, hence, just how dangerous a hurtling chunk of steel, rubber and glass can be (particularly when faced with a head-on collision with another vehicle). Compound those factors with all the distractions faced by new drivers (all cars have stereos now, teens travel in groups and often travel with distracting passengers, all made even worse by the fact that most teens have always-on cell phones at the ready), and you have a recipe for disaster, as this 4:00 minute piece shows.

Warning: this is graphic, but I think it should be safe for work, given the message it hopes to send. Personally, I commend whoever green-lighted this piece's production and airing, and I hope we see a US version soon.

NOTE: CLICK HERE if you can't see the embedded video for some reason.


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