Monday, August 24, 2009

Pins, comma, needles...


So, I went out to California to interview for a job last week with a company that really impressed me. Not to jinx myself, but I hope to hear something one way or the other TOMORROW (as in, Tuesday). It's feeling like it's going pretty well, but I've been around this particular block a few times and I know that wishful thinking can and does distort one's vision. Hopefully this time, I'm seeing 20/20.

Look for an update one way or the other tomorrow.

And now, today's writing tip of the week...

Around 2:00 this afternoon I simply could not stand being in the house for another microsecond, so I decided to avail myself of my new neighborhood's wonderful jogging trail down the Walhalla Ravine. I'll talk about the place more later - for now it's not important. What IS is the fact that, even though I've been chewing over a bit of characterization for my new book for weeks it seems like, the answer occurred to me within 20 minutes of getting out of my house and under the trees, my heart pumping and my conscious mind distracted by thoughts of "Oh, God, oh, God, my legs, my legs hurt they hurt they hurt..." This left my sub-conscious, always my better half when it comes to producing idea breakthroughs clear to 'do it's thang'.

Well worth a bit o' agony, IMHO.

Now, anyone that's been following this blog (and if you haven't, feel free to check out the "Articles on Writing" link on the right link bar) knows that I think quite a lot about WHERE ideas come from and WHAT to do with them once they arrive. In this case, I found it interesting that I was completely stuck for days until I got out of my rut, got out of my house and went out someplace where I could try and see the world (and this is important) through my characters' eyes.

There's more I want to say about this idea, and I'll talk more about this soon in a separate article, but I wanted to share what happened today, just in case someone else is out there, stuck and frustrated and wondering how to get past their most recent bout of block.

Anyway... If you're into all that, send me positive energy/happy thoughts/joy-joy feelings... whatever you cotton to, because I'm hoping for good news tomorrow. Until then, keep dreaming and keep writing every day! It's what writers do.



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