Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Railriders" Review at Neonomicon

Neonomicon has a strange little review of "Railriders" (Interzone #239) up at:

Money quote:

"This story effectively comprises an atmospheric, cut-throat narrative via a rappy, expletive-sown monologue by one of the cobra- or blade-running female railriders, a member of a well-characterised (almost Dhalgren-like?) group, with whom we grow in sympathy as they negotiate the trials and tribulations of crude chancers and chancey drugs in this New Earth which is perhaps a Tem-type ’escarpment’ shading in and out of our Old Earth: while we, as readers, also ride the links (or rail points) through some “public ‘net” of blending in empathy with amenity-ghosts and chancers alike: luckily fixed for us here to aim at by actual, rather than electronic, print."


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, is that all one run-on sentence?

Bryan Thomas said...

People who don't have a basic command of English and grammar or even sentence structure don't make the best writing critics.

Nemonymous said...